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Professional Matchmaking

What is Tawkify?


Tawkify is a modern dating services company for single professionals that are ready to get off the dating apps and find real connections. We are a blind dating service and our Matchmakers do all the work for you. Before you freak out about blind dating, let me tell you that I am proof that blind dating works. I met my husband on a blind date in 1999 and we were married in 2001 and still going strong!!

What makes the Tawkify approach different is that we know that there are missed opportunities. You may see a picture on an app and instantly decide that person is not right for you without knowing anything about them. We believe that chemistry must be felt and that even though you may not be attracted to the person right away, once you get to know them chemistry is created and the attraction gets stronger.

Yes, we will screen for looks, but more importantly we screen for the fundamentals that don't change over time and build a strong lasting relationship. We screen for goals, common interests, hobbies, religious and political alignments. 

Romantic Couple

Become a Client

Do you want your own Personal Matchmaker?


When you become a client, you will be assigned your own personal Matchmaker who is the best fit for you. You will receive a personalized experience and will be guaranteed matches.  Your Matchmaker will work with you to determine your priorities and deal breakers for what you are looking for in a match. We will look for potential matches in our amazing community to find your ideal match. 

To learn more:

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Become a FREE Member

Do you want to meet new people?

Are you not sure where to start, but you are curious? If so, this might be a great option for you and it is FREE. Yes! free, no strings attached.  You can become a member of our community  with very little effort on your part. All that you need to do is create your profile and then you and I will schedule a video call so I can get to know more about what you are looking for in a match. 

As a member there are no guarantees for a match and there is when you are a client. It really is a 'risk free' option and if you love being part of our community and decide you would like to have your own Matchmaker you can decide that at any time. 




I think she's fun to talk to and she appears to have gotten to know me and my preferences well. I also think she's explaining the Tawkify process well. I'm enjoying working with her and I'm optimistic about the program.


A great listener and coach. She takes input well and works to ensure that she finds the right qualities in the people she is matching you with.


Makes me feel special, listens, smiles, and always makes sure I am confident with my decision. Makes me feel like best friend is finding me my forever person.


Francine brings so much more than matchmaking to this experience. Her additional skills in coaching and understanding people make her a great matchmaker and have helped me so much as I’m re-learning the world of dating. The matches that she has curated for me have been great and I’m loving partnering with her in this adventure!

What is stopping you?

The Five things that block you from having the relationship that you want are:

  1. The stories we create and tell ourselves. 

  2. Your lack of self-esteem and worthiness.

  3. Your fear of being vulnerable.

  4. When your focus is on the 'must haves' and you miss what is right in front of you. 

  5. Not knowing how to connect with others.

If you can identify with any one of the above blocks or you  just cannot seem to understand why your relationships don't seem to work out, let's talk.


Book a Belief Busting call with me and let's see if we can uncover what is holding you back from having what you want in a relationship. 

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