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Do More by  BEING More

It is time to throw away your 'To Do' list and create a 'To Be' list to get more done and to have less effort in your life.  

  • Does everything feel like a struggle?

  • Are you tired of doing for everyone else?

  • Do you wonder when you get to have FUN?

  • Have you lost your joy?

  • Do you feel scared and lost?

  • Do you believe you have to keep everything in control?

  • Do you keep your emotions contained because you 'don't have time for this'?

  • Do you believe that having FUN is not productive?

  • Is your entire life structured and run by 'To Do' lists?

What if I told you that how you have been living is all an illusion?

  • Nothing is a struggle!

  • Everyone else actually can take care of themselves!

  • Having FUN is your birthright!

  • You are pure joy!

  • You are exactly where you need to be!

  • Control is an illusion and the only thing it does is keep you out of the present moment!

  • Your emotions are necessary for growth!

  • Having FUN will make you MORE productive

  • All you need is a 'To Be' list


Both of these pictures are me. The one on the left was 5 years ago when I thought I had it all under control and kept myself contained to get sh$t done. What a joke!


Now I have so much more fun and I am even MORE productive and have time for ME! 

Who would you rather be?


If you see yourself in the first picture then you need to join me and stop controlling your life and start living a life you love!

When: March 23 

            7:00 PM EST

Where: Zoom Link to be sent upon registration

The cost to have more EASE in your life and less control is only $44.00

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