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How to Do More by 'BEING' More

This 4 week program is for you if you are ready to:


  • Stop living in survival mode and you are ready to learn how to thrive?

  • Learn how to trust your intuitive knowing?

  • Stop being a taskmaster?

  • Stop taking care of everyone else and focus on what is important – YOU!

  • Stop listening to that inner critic that tells you lies.

  • Release the fear that is holding you back.

  • Believe that everything you want is possible.


In this 4 week program, you will learn:

  • How to release the illusion of control.

  • How to slow down and why it is important.

  • You cannot have fun when you are in survival mode.

  • What it feels like to be supported and cared for.

  • How to receive.

  • Everything is happening FOR you and nothing happens to you.  

  • You are intuitive – OWN IT!

  • Have you been so focused on what is happening (or what isn't) that you have forgotten what it is like to just BE?

  • Are you ready to open yourself up and connect to your inner wisdom?

  • Are you ready to embody heart centered living and REALLY live instead of just existing and going through the motions?

  • Have you been aware that there is something more than what meets the eye?

  • Are you finally ready to trust that your heart knows better than your head?

  • In these 4 weeks, we will explore what it will be like to truly live as if there is no right or wrong and know that nothing is happening to you and all is happening for you. 

  • If you are you ready to immerse yourself in a restorative process to nourish your mind, body and soul, then do not wait any longer. 

  • Through this program, you will be met, guided and cared for as you embark on a journey of self discovery and restoration. 

Join us for this 4-week intensive that will help you shift from doubt, worry, fear and control to joy excitement peace and surrender!

Be supported by other like minded, soul searching amazing women.

Stop asking 'how?' or "why?'...

              Allow yourself to receive all that life has to offer you. The answers are within you!                  It is time to TRUST... Are you ready?


It is time to see what life would be like if you stopped playing it safe and truly believed that you are safe and protected in all that you do and want.  

ARE  YOU READY........ step out of your old habits and routines and finally have the life you deserve and have been longing for. 

Don't wait any longer. 

Sign up today! 

Which program is right for you?


What is included: 

4-Week intimate coaching group

Weekly homework assignments

Facebook Group

When:  June 8, 2021 -June 29, 2021

Cost: $333.00


What is included: 

4-Week intimate coaching group

Weekly homework assignments

Facebook Group

(2) 45 minute 1:1 Coaching sessions

ELI Assessment and debrief

Unlimited text or email during 4-weeks

Special Pricing available for 3 and 6 month 1:1 coaching after completion of program

When:  June 8, 2021 -June 29, 2021

Cost: $555.00

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