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Happy Birthday Sweet Angel

Dear Dakota,

Happy Birthday!!

You would be nine years old this year. I can’t even really imagine what that would have been like. I still picture you so tiny in my arms. I often wonder what you would have been like. If you were anything like your brother and sister, you would be active.

Maybe you would dance like Madisyn or take Karate like both of them.

Would you be artistic?

Would you be musical?

Would you be athletic?

Would you be quiet? Unlikely, but possible.

Would you have a crush on a boy in your class?

As the years have passed, I have tried to stop wondering … Sometimes I think that as the years pass, it should be easier, but then I realize it just adds more wonder to it all. As each year passes, new questions arise.. Each milestone that should have been, becomes another missed event. Another empty memory.

Every day I am reminded what an incredible impact we all have on each other. I often wonder why we don’t tell each other that until it is too late. I realized a long time ago the impact that you had on me and for that I will be forever grateful.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Angel Dakota….


Auntie Francine

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