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The Gift


I feel like I was just given a gift. As you can see from my blog, I like to write. I bought my first computer because I wanted to write short stories and it was easier to type my thoughts than it was to write long hand. When I bought that PC, I did not even know how to use Windows. I could type whatever I wanted, but I had no idea how to save the document, so I had to teach myself. Well, I did learn how to save my documents and I  have folders of thoughts, ideas, journal entries and short stories. A few years ago I found a folder full of documents. They were all password protected. I tried everything I could think of to open them, but I could never figure out what the password was. These days I have pretty standard passwords based on my life now. I need passwords that I am going to easily remember. But I could not think of anything that was that constant in my life ten or thirteen years ago. So eventually I stopped trying to open the documents and haven’t thought about them in years…

Tonight, I was looking for another document and stumbled upon the “forbidden” folder. So, I thought I would try to access some of the files. I entered a random password. That entry didn’t work. But the second one that I tried, did work. I was shocked when the document opened. Ironically it was the date of my mother’s death… Well I think someone wanted me to access these journals.  Thanks Mom!

I was blown away reading my own words. The first journal entry was the day of my first date with my husband, thirteen years ago. It is amazing to read your own thoughts and experience as if they are someone else’s. It was nice to remember some of the great times we had when we were dating. I wrote about friendships and family. We tend to always move forward and sometimes forget how we got to where we are. As I read my own words, I remembered a lot of what had happened. But to just think about these experiences, I probably would not have remembered them, because I am sure at the time, I just took them for granted. I only read a few of the entries and have many more to read. I know that this gift was given to me for a reason. Now I need to figure out what that reason is…

Reading some of the experiences made me smile and think. It made me realize that while I have grown a lot over the last thirteen years, there are still a lot of areas that I still need to work on.

How often do you remember where you have been? How often are you given the opportunity to appreciate the experiences that have gotten you to where you are today? I feel like I was given an opportunity to look in the rear view mirror of the journey that I am on. In that mirror I am able to see a long road, but it made me aware of how I got to where I am today. How often do we forget our accomplishments and our struggles? It was nice to take a few minutes to appreciate my journey.  I can't wait to read more.....

It makes me appreciate and ponder……

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