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Spiritual Guidance

Receive clarity and spiritual guidance through Oracle Card readings and Spiritual Coaching.

Oracle card readings are a form of divination that involves using a deck of cards with different symbols, images and words to gain insight and guidance about various aspects of life. The cards are shuffled and drawn randomly with each card representing a different message or meaning. 

Oracle card readings are often used for self-reflection, personal growth and spiritual guidance. They can provide clarity, insight, guidance and direction on important decisions in life career and relationship. 

Readings can provide insight about your strengths, weaknesses and your purpose that helps you to take control of your life and make positive changes and achieve your goals. 

The cards do not predict the future but can provide potential outcomes based on the present moment and your energy. 



*Oracle card readings should not replace professional or medical advise. 


Choose the service that is right for you!

5-Session Package

Receive five (5) monthly 1:1 Spiritual Guidance session recorded over Zoom

$444.00 for all Five (5) sessions

Individual Sessions

1:1 Spiritual Guidance session recorded over Zoom

$111.00 per session

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